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african american sites in maryland usa

African American Sites of Maryland I am a retired 81 yr old white guy. In retirement I was doing the fun things that I had done before; cycling and fishing, until 3 years ago when I became unable.         Hav ing done some drawing in my teens that came to mind, but what subjects? Still life drawing was a not me. Historical places peaked my interest and Woodlawn Manor was my first. That it was on the Underground Railroad Trail caught my attention.   Woodlawn Manor, Montgomery County, MD                                                        In Google maps I typed in ‘African American Sites in Montgomery County Maryland'.  African American Sites in Montgomery County, MD . Links to sites were listed although clicking on the “52 more” link brought up more and within those links additional sites were shown. I came to find out not ALL were African American, but were in the same area.                         I started out with Montgomery County Maryland & rea

African American Sites, Locations, & Histories in Montgomery County Maryland

LOCATIONS, SITES, AND HISTORIES OF MONTGOMERY CTY MARYLAND Instruction: Hold the Control Key (Ctrl) Mac Command key (?) and click on the highlighted words. Some locations have disappeared or were torn down. Boyds, MD Location Boyds Location/Histories (Click on the individual ‘Hyperlinks’ for the info. More Boyds Histories More recent photographs of White Grounds Rd. homes Edward U. Taylor Negro School Location Edward U. Taylor Negro School History Brownstown Location Brownstown Histories Haiti Historic District location Haiti Histories More Haiti History Jonesville location Jonesville Histories Lincoln Park, Rockville, MD Location Lincoln Park Histories I Lincoln Park Histories II Lincoln Park Histories III (more links) Lincoln Park IIII Histories Mt. Zion Historic District Location Mt. Zion U.M. Church Page Mt. Zion Histories Norbeck District (No map location link) This area is at Georgia Ave. & Norbeck Road. Click on the b